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Sales Agents for Solar PV Glass for Buildings

We have developed a unique and innovative building material that will revolutionize the building industry forever: Solar PV glass for buildings. The aesthetics and prestige of glass and the power generation capability of Solar PV panels come now together under a unique building material, which can be cut-to-size on the job site to make the installation easier. Our glass is available in transparent, opaque and translucent finishes and we can also customize it in many colors.
It is less expensive than other building materials unable to generate electricity and it offers an immediate payback time, allowing building owners to achieve positive cash flows from day one.
We offer the only building material for rainscreen cladding that is able to generate clean and free electricity, while it is not more expensive than other traditional building materials commonly used for cladding.
We are looking to partner with independent sales professionals who are used to selling to all levels up to C-Suite. We are looking for someone like you, passionate, hungry, ready to sell, who is able to prospect for us and close the deal.
This ready-to-market solar PV glass is ideal for massive commercialization since we sell it in a standard size and it is easy to cut-to-size on the job site, so it is ideal for selling it through building materials merchants and DIY retailers, although it can be sold to any company that owns a building.
Phone. +34 920 21 00 50

Product Catalogue: https://www.onyxsolar.com/documents/ColoredPVGlass-English-EU.pdf

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